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About Ginger

Ginger’s career background consists of over 30 years in the medical industry. She has earned a Bachelor’s degree, with Honors, in Business Administration. She graduated from Space Coast Massage Institute as her class salutatorian, and became a Certified Birth Doula through DONA International.


Ginger has specialized, hands-on training for:

  • CranioSacral Therapy through Upledger Institute
  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy through Chikly Health Institute
  • Micro-Point Stimulation Pain Management & Gentle Scar Release through Accumed Medical Ltd.
  • AVAZZIA Pain Management and EZZI-Lift facial treatments through First Alternatives, LLC
  • GIA Wellness i-H2OWater and MRET radioactive frequency neutralizers
  • Reflexology through the Academy of Ancient Reflexology
  • Thai Massage and Thai Foot Massage through Thailand Connections, Inc.
  • Sports Massage Internship with the Washington Nationals Major League Baseball team.
  • Infrared Light Therapy through Anodyne Therapy
  • AromaTouch Therapy Certification and use of Pure Essential Oils through doTERRA
  • Prenatal, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone Massage through Space Coast Health Institute

Her extensive training and experience in the medical industry has prepared Ginger to follow her passion of providing advanced, healing, and integrative personalized care for her clients. She is always researching new innovative techniques to assist her clients on their way to better health.


"Thank you Lord for hearing the prayers of family and friends asking you for healing to my injured back from the fall. You brought me an angel - a friend who is now a professional message therapist who saw me in her office. Friends if you have back/neck/body pain and live in the Melbourne area - look her up. Moving no longer takes my breath away or brings tears to my eyes/ I just go oww oww... lol. I am on the way to recovery!!!! Thank you Ginger!!"

"Best massage therapist I've meet! I've gotten many massages from Ginger, include three pre-natal massages. She is great at what she does and really takes her time to listen to what is hurting or needs work. She not only gives you a relaxing massage but she really want to fix why your muscles are sore. I will continue to see Ginger when ever I need a massage and refer all my friends and family to her."
Dayna Glywalsky

"My name is Donald Hayes. I’ve had 4 major surgeries on my stomach. My stomach had a lot of scar tissue which has caused me some major problems. My scar was also very pronounced and very pink in color. I started to see Ginger for some shoulder pain I had. She suggested we try some techniques on my scar and stomach. As the sessions went on, which was only a few times, my scar totally changed color and became not so pronounced. It was absolutely amazing! Now, my stomach is not so tight from all the scar tissue. I highly recommend Ginger for this type of procedure, and of course, her massages are the best! Sincerely, a Very Happy Customer."
Donald Hayes

"Gingers massages are the best I have ever had. She knows all the muscle groups, ligament and special areas to give you the most benefit for relaxation, as well as hitting those tender spots. It's worth ever minute and dollar to go and see her."
Heidi ElMasri

"I have had a hot stone massage with Ginger Taylor LMT at Connectivity Movement Center and it was awesome!! Everyone should try it!! Loved it!! I went to see Ginger with a frozen shoulder and tendonitis of the bicep. She listened to me describe all the areas that were troubling me before formulating the best plan for reducing and eliminating my pain. She was absolutely AMAZING!! After Ginger's massage, my arm was pain free for the first time in months!! She even gave me stretches to do to prevent this from happening again. I will continue to see Ginger every time I need a massage and will recommend her to all my family and friends."
Suzanne Everly

"I want to tell everyone how this amazing woman, Ginger Taylor, helped me. I went to see Ginger in September for what I thought was going to be a regular massage, not realizing all of the training she had in pain relief and other areas. I told her I was hurting in my lower back and hip area down to my foot on the left side. I had been that way for a long time and figured it was something I would have to live with. I had been going to a chiropractor for three years, sometimes two times a week, and any help I got only lasted about a week. After only one visit with Ginger, my pain completely went away. I could walk normal and fast, and get up from a sitting position. All movement was easy and pain free, including my neck. My husband, who doesn’t believe in this kind of help, was shocked! It has been more than a month and I’m still feeling great and sending all of my friends who need help. Ginger is full of compassion and sincerely wants to help others with her gift."

"I was born with cerebral palsy.Prior to receiving scar release therapy from Ginger Taylor, I had sustained two scars. The first scar resulted from a baclofen pump implantation (May 2012) and the second scar resulted from spinal fusion surgery (August 2012). The baclofen pump scar is located on my right abdominal area. The final fusion scar runs from my upper back to the tail bone. Prior to receiving treatment, the baclofen scar was very tight and pronounced. I also had restricted movement when any movement occurred around my torso/abdominal area. However, after receiving several sessions of scar release therapy, the scar became much flatter and pliable. It also improved my daily functioning abilities and granted a wider range of movement in my torso/abdominal. The spinal fusion scar was very prominent and thick, as well as sensitive in certain areas where more work was done on the spine. After the scar release therapy, it became far less tender and less prominent. Because of these scar release therapies, I have significantly decreased my use of anti-inflammatory drugs and pain medicines. I would highly recommend this treatment, and Ginger, to anyone looking for an alternative method for scar healing."
Shelby M. Nurse

"I have had peripheral neuropathy for 3 ½ years. My feet were numb, could not bend my toes up or down, toes were turning a gray color, both ankles were swollen and a brownish-red color, and the soles of my feet felt like solid concrete. This made walking difficult. Also the tips of my fingers were tingling and numb. I have had four sessions with Ginger and it has been amazing. She did the neurostim acupressure points on me and the results have been amazing. After the first session I could move my toes up and down which I hadn’t been able to do for over a year, my ankles were less swollen and the color was changing to a more normal color which meant the circulation was coming back into my legs and I could walk better. My feet are much better, and the concrete feeling is gone. The numbness in my fingertips is much better. The third session Ginger worked on my scar from my broken shoulder surgery and I am amazed that in one session I can bend my arm behind my back and raise my arm straight up which I haven’t been able to do since my surgery and physical therapy.The circulation has greatly improved in my legs and the dark coloring has almost gone away!! After my fourth session, including a full body massage, I feel terrific.This is the best I have felt in over a year and a half!!!! Ginger is a sweet and caring person and I feel very lucky she came into my life. I highly recommend her for her amazing neurostim therapy and her wonderful massages."

"Ginger is an amazing doula! Both my husband and I can attest to Ginger's ability and knowledge. Even the doctor and nursing staff can verify, asking if Ginger could be present at all of their births at the hospital! I believe that speaks volumes to her skills and likeability. I did not hire a doula for my first birth and ended up having an epidural and a long drawn out labor. After careful consideration and research, plus my desire for a drug free birth, I decided to hire a doula. My husband wasn't sold on the idea at first, so anyone's husbands on the fence, have them read this! I chose Ginger mostly because of her massage therapy background because I LOVE massages! And you get a complimentary massage when you purchase her package, ahhh, that was pure bliss. So this time around, my labor progressed much more quickly than with my first and my husband and I met Ginger at the hospital. She will absolutely come to your home first, I was just progressing so quickly! The contractions became very intense after my water broke (like in a movie, in the hospital lobby!) and I am so glad Ginger was there for the hard part. I felt like I had her changing up her techniques with every other contraction! I shifted from being nauseous, needing the heat pad, needing coaching through contractions, needing to change positions, you name it. And Ginger handled my 'demands' with such grace and confidence. Her confidence, quick thinking and of course, genuine kindness is what got me through those contractions and the delivery of my beautiful baby girl. My husband sort of took a back seat as that was what worked for us. Ginger would absolutely have partners more involved if that is what works for your family. My husband was nervous and felt like Ginger is the expert, so let her handle it. And he will tell you now that he was beyond pleased to have Ginger there because she was full of knowledge and helped me reach my labor and delivery goal! I could go on for days about how awesome Ginger is, but I will just end it by saying that she is one of the most genuine, kind hearted people I have ever met with incredible knowledge and vast skill set. I'm so happy she is still practicing massage therapy so that I can still see her at least once a year:)"

"This woman is by far amazing. From the moment that I met her she astounded me. Not only her knowledge on the human body and massage techniques, but in the knowledge of a small little miracle in the mothers womb. The best techniques to help the young blessing arrive safe and quickly. My birthing story would of not been complete without this woman by my side. I treasure and appreciate her more than she will ever know. Thank you Ginger. You are so very loved!!"

"I don't think I would've ever given birth if it hadn't been for Ginger telling me to change positions. As soon as I did what she asked, that baby shot out like a gingerbread man! Thanks again Ginger!"

"Ginger is Fantastic! With her gentle assistance I was able to bring my son Jericho into the world naturally and with such peace. She made the experience for me, my husband and daughter so relaxed. It felt like we were old friends. She advocated for me and offered me choices at every turn. She gently encouraged me to move and even with an induction and 12 hour labor I had the most empowering birth experience. She is educated and skilled and a fabulous investment. I wish that birth experience for every Mother and every Baby."